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Etching on Countertops: Its Effects and How to Confront It

Etching is a common issue for buyers of natural stone countertops, especially marble surfaces; learn how to overcome it.

Outdoor Kitchens: How Different Stones Fare in the Elements

Learn about outdoor kitchens and how different stones like Granite, Marble, and others fare outside in the elements of nature.

Polished, Leathered, and Honed: Exploring Stone Finishes

There are three types of stone finishes: polished, leathered, and honed. Learn more about each of these finishes in this blog.

Kitchen with White Cabinets and Blue Island

Technical and Process Blogs

Read blog articles about some technical things like guides, processes like countertop fabrication, and more.

Beautiful Paonazzo Kitchen

Tips and Design Blogs

Read about some of popular stones as well as many blog articles about designs, tips, and more.