Quality vs. Price: The Best Quartz Brands for Your Countertops
July 6, 2023
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Learn about the different quartz companies to discover whether cheaper or expensive ones are better.

Some people believe that buying cheap quartz is a better alternative than more expensive options, but in many cases this isn’t true. We are committed to offering our clients the best quartz countertops. Therefore, in this blog we’ll discuss what the best quartz brands to consider are. And we’ll discuss the main brand that Mogastone uses.

Expensive or Cheap Quartz: What To Consider

Why choose more expensive options rather than cheaper?

With quartz you get what you pay for. This affects many factors when considering the difference between cheap and expensive quartz countertops.


More expensive quartz slabs are more durable, meaning they won’t crack, scratch, or break as easily as cheaper ones.

Colors and Patterns

The colors, patterns, and realistic look of the quartz vary depending on the price range. The lower the price, the lower the quality is going to be.


When considering the finish, durability, and resistance, more expensive quartz has the upper hand. That means that it’ll last longer and not have to be replaced within a few years.


Considering cleanup and hygiene, price doesn’t affect much. But when it comes to maintenance, lower-priced quartz countertops require more effort than higher-priced. For example, maintenance includes fixing chips, dealing with stains, and similar things, and with cheaper material, these can be more difficult to deal with.

Good Quartz Brands

Now what brands are actually good to consider?

There are a number of brands that manufacture good quartz. Here’s a list of what brands to look for when thinking about purchasing quartz countertops:

Ceasarstone: With over 40 available colors, Caesarstone is a good choice for quartz countertops.

Silestone: This brand has over 60 styles and colors available, making it a popular choice for quartz slabs.

Cambria: Cambria is a high-end brand with lifetime warranty and over 100 design styles and colors.

LX Viatera: Viatera is manufactured with 93% quartz, which is a very high standard. The brand also has 50 colors available.

Corian: Formerly known as Zodiaq, this brand is versatile and has over 40 color choices.

HanStone: HanStone has over 50 colors and styles, and it’s 6 times more durable than granite.

Colorquartz: Being a leading producer and making high-quality, realistic-looking material, Colorquartz is a great choice for countertops.

MSI: This company comes in dozens of high-quality, durable, heat-resistant colors.

MetroQuartz: Combining superior durability and long-lasting performance, this brand is a good choice for your kitchen countertops.

Compac: Compac quartz is a high-quality, engineered stone known for its durability, versatility, and wide range of colors and finishes, as well as its devotion to environmental safety.

Some of these brands are high in price, especially Silestone and Cambria. There are better priced brands, though. These include MSI, LG Viatera, Colorquartz, Corian, and Metroquartz.

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Labeled image of Mogastone slab yard.

What Does Mogastone Use?

We use various brands such as Metroquartz, Cambria, Compac, and Colorquartz. But the majority of the slabs we purchase and sell are from Colorquartz.

Colorquartz is a high-quality brand designed in California. They pride in their natural and creative patterns and their stylish, classic designs. While reusing and recycling their material, they make durable, rock-solid quartz. They also ensure safe and hygienic standards. Additonally, Colorquartz is a cost-effective material suitable for any remodeling or designing budget.

Visit our Quartz Inventory to see what options we offer. You can also check out the Visualizer to virtually see how your choice would look in your kitchen.


The choice of what quartz you purchase is entirely up to you, but we provide these suggestions to assist you in your buying journey. One important fact to remember is that when purchasing your quartz countertops, you get what you pay for. So be careful with what choice you make, so you can have long-lasting countertops.

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