Countertop Edge Profiles: A Comprehensive Guide
May 3, 2023
Granite Kitchen with Ogee Edge and Backsplash


Learn about all the different types of countertop edge profiles to transform the appearance of your kitchen.

Kitchen countertops are more than just a surface to prepare meals; they are an important part of the overall elegance and functionality of your kitchen. While the material and color of your countertop are often the most vital part, the edge profile can play a critical role in your kitchen design. Let’s dive into the world of countertop edge profiles and explore how they can transform the appearance of your kitchen.

Defining Countertop Edge Profiles

A countertop edge profile refers to the shape of the edge of your countertop. From straight and simple to curved and ornate, the options are plentiful. Your chosen edge profile should complement your kitchen style, reflect your personal taste, and meet your functional needs.

Countertop Edge Profiles

The image above shows the edge profiles Mogastone provides.

Popular Countertop Edge Profiles


1. Straight Edge

The straight edge profile is a modern and clean choice that complements any kitchen design. With its slightly rounded corners, it provides a gentle transition from the surface down the edge of the countertop. This style is a great choice for safety-conscious homeowners since there are no sharp corners.

Granite and Quartz Kitchen Countertops

White quartz counters with a granite island.

2. Bullnose Edge

Characterized by its fully rounded shape, the bullnose profile provides a smooth, flowing appearance. The bullnose edge is perfect for a traditional or contemporary kitchen and is considered one of the safest edge options as it lacks any sharp edges.

Granite Kitchen with Redish Cabinets

Brown granite countertops with a bullnose edge profile.

2. Beveled Edge

Beveled countertop edges feature an angled cut along the top edge of the countertop, creating a sleek and defined border that adds a subtle architectural detail. This edge style bridges the gap between a traditional squared edge and a more decorative edge, providing a modern yet timeless appeal.

Beveled Countertop Edge

4. Ogee Edge

Ogee edges are ornate and curved, offering an elegant, classic look that is perfect for traditional or high-end kitchen designs. This edge profile adds depth and dimension to your countertops, drawing the eye with its detailed design.

Mogastone Granite Installation

An extraordinary contrast of black and white counter tops with an ogee edge on the perimeter counters and a double ogee edge profile on the island. There is Black Titanium granite on the perimeter countertops and white Blanc du Blanc granite on the island.

5. Miter Edge

Miter edges give the illusion of a thicker countertop which gives a clean, sleek design. They are visually striking and add a sense of luxury and sophistication. Miters are made when the edge of both the countertop and an extra strip of material are cut at 45 degrees and attached at a 90 degree angle. When placed correctly, this creates a sense of continuity that is visually appealing.

Now on the topic of miters and the actual material type, certain materials, such as porcelain or other thinner materials, may require a mitered edge since the thickness is less than the standard 3 cm.

Marble Kitchen and Island

Marble kitchen with a mitered island.

6. Waterfall

Waterfalls are similar to miters in that they are fabricated the same way; however, miters only drop about 2 1/2 inches while waterfalls drop all the way to the floor. Waterfalls are particularly appealing and luxurious, providing vein continuity from across the countertop all the way to the floor.

Calacatta Bar

A quartz island with excellently veined waterfalls. 

Choosing the Right Countertop Edge Profile

When choosing a countertop edge profile, consider the overall style of your kitchen, the practical aspects, and safety.

Style and Aesthetic:

The countertop edge can subtly enhance the look of your kitchen. Sleek and minimalist edge designs, like the straight or bevel edges, blend well with modern or industrial kitchen styles. On the other hand, decorative edges like the ogee or bullnose edges can reinforce a traditional or luxurious kitchen theme.


Some edges may be better suited to your lifestyle than others. For example, if you have small children, you might opt for a bullnose edge to avoid sharp corners. If you frequently use your counters for baking or rolling out dough, a flat edge might be the best option.


The safety aspect should not be overlooked. Sharp edges can be hazardous, particularly in homes with children or older residents.


Countertop edge profiles may seem like a minor detail in the grand scheme of your kitchen design, but they can make a significant difference in both the look and function of your space. By considering your personal style and needs, you can choose a countertop edge profile that not only complements your kitchen design but also enhances your overall cooking and dining experience.

Regardless of the trends, we can help guide you along the process and help you choose a suitable edge profile.

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