How can I make my countertops more unique? This is a question that is often on the mind of those remodeling and working on a kitchen or bathroom countertop project. One way to do this is by choosing an edge profile.

The edge profile is usually applied where the stone is cut to give it a finished look. The following options are a few of the options available.


Consider mixing and matching edge profiles for a more custom look. For example, if your layout in the kitchen includes an island, you can choose a detailed edge like the Ogee to create a focal point and something more simple like the Straight Edge on the perimeter. Furthermore, a laminated edge can be added to the Ogee island where the thickness is increased (see below). These upgrades will stand the test of time and keep the kitchen looking timeless.


Mitered Edge

Thinking of a more contemporary and modern approach? A mitered edge profile is an option. This is created when the corners of two slabs are cut to a 45-degree angle to seamlessly join together. This sleek and smooth edge treatment will finish the look and tends to appeal to everyone.


Waterfall Edge

What to take it a step further? If the space and layout allows, a waterfall edge can be applied. This edge angles towards the floor and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating. Unlike the straight edge, it adds a clean look and allows you to display more of the stone.

Quartzite countertops

With certain materials like porcelain, you may have to do a mitered edge since they are usually thinner materials than granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite.

Regardless of the trends, the pros at Mogastone can help guide you along the process and help you choose the right edge profile for you.