Mogastone FAQs: Answering Your Main Questions
July 2, 2023
Blue Cabinets With Granite


Learn the answers to Mogastone's questions that are frequently asked to get an understanding of our company.

In this blog we will go over some frequently asked questions about Mogastone, that way you’ll know some answers and get ahead in the game.

1. Why is Mogastone different than other fabricating companies?

Materials Directly from the Quarry:

All the materials that we have in our warehouse or in our slab yard are shipped straight from a quarry which means we have our own separate slab inventory from where you can directly choose your material. Most other companies are either only a fabricator or a stone supplier, but Mogastone is both.

Digital Means of Fabrication:

All of the countertops and other stone projects that we fabricate are done through precise laser measuring and computer programs, such as Alphacam and Slabsmith. Check out this blog to learn about our Laser Templating System.

Layout Preview:

When we make your countertop layout on the slabs, we, unlike other companies, will send the finished layout to you for approval. We even invite you to see the layout in person before we cut.

Quick Turnaround Time:

Once we are ready to proceed with the fabricating process, we will be ready to install in less than a month, and we only need a single day for installation.

2. What can I expect to see when visiting your company?

Our company is a One Stop Shop, which means that we have a showroom, warehouse, slab yard, and fabricating shop all in one.


Our showroom is where you’ll discuss your questions and choices with our experienced staff, and it’s also our display and inspiration room.

Mogastone Showroom

Mogastone’s showroom in Cary, NC.

Slab Warehouse:

After the showroom comes the warehouse which is where we keep the highest quality natural stone, our sink display, and a wall of stone color samples.

Mogastone Warehouse

An image of Mogastone’s warehouse in Cary.

Slab Yard:

Then we come to the whole yard of slabs where the remaining slabs are kept in organized rows by first engineered material (quartz and porcelain) and then natural stone (granite, marble, quartzite, etc.).

Mogastone Slab Yard

Aerial view of Mogastone’s slab yard in Cary, the largest in the triangle.

Remnant Yard:

The remnant yard is outside where all the extra pieces that were cut from previous slabs are placed for easy view and access. These pieces are very useful for small projects like baths or fireplaces where a slab is too large.

Mogastone Remnants

Image of part of Mogastone’s remnant section.

3. What types of material do you stock?
We stock 11 different types of material, including Granite, Quartz, Marble, Quartzite, Porcelain, Dolomite and others. Check out our Materials and Inventory pages to see and learn more about the different stones we offer.

Black and White Granite Slabs

Copacabana granite slabs.

Marble Slabs

Calacatta Monet marble slabs.

Cristallo Romano Quartzite

Beautiful backlit quartzite slab.

Blue Agate porcelain slab.

4. How can I get a quote?

There are a few ways to get a quote from us. One way is through email where you can contact us at Another method is to bring us a basic drawing of your kitchen layout and dimensions. The drawing can be simple since we won’t use it for production. See an example below:

Simple countertop estimate drawing.

You can also visit our Contact Us and Get A Quote pages.

5. Are there tools to help me in selecting the material?
There are in fact a number of tools to assist you in your material selection.

Live Inventory:

If you visit our slab inventory, you can see each individual slab and remnant on any device from the comfort of your home.

Granite and Quartz Live Inventory

Color ribbon:

Our website can pull colors from the slab image and make recommendations with codes from Behr, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin&More, and PPG. You can use this to match a stone with your existing cabinets, or if you’re looking for new cabinets, this can help you choose a color and a stone to match with it.

Color Options

The red box surrounds the color suggestions.

When you select a color, it shows you a few things: similar colors, the names and ID’s of each color, and a drop-down menu giving you choices between a few paint brands.


With our visualizer you can experiment with different slab choices to see how they look in a kitchen or a bath. You can also have a virtual walk-through across multiple kitchen styles and rooms. Our visualizer is connected to our slab inventory as well which means all the surfaces are existent in our inventory.  

Mogastone Visualizer Example

A Visualizer image with White Ice countertops.


Feel free to visit our showroom at 7979 Chapel Hill Rd, Cary, NC 27513 to see slabs in person. Our experienced staff will be happy to make suggestions and recommendations.

6. How will I know what part of the slab will be used for each countertop?
Once we make a layout for your countertops, we’ll send an image through your email for approval, and we won’t cut the counters until after you’ve done so. You can also request to be a part of the layout-making process and come to our showroom to have us digitally adjust the counters the way you please.

See the images below that explain the layout process:

Slab View

Website Slab View

Layout of countertops on a slab.

This is the layout of the countertop pieces on a slab, and the image below shows the resulting kitchen layout as it will be placed in your kitchen.

Layout View

Layout View

Finished result of the placement of the pieces on the slab.


These are a few of our frequently asked questions, but there many other questions to be answered. Feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to assist you.

If you have any more questions, contact us here.

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