The Future is Now: Mogastone’s Turn to Horustone Software
May 1, 2024


Here at Mogastone, we have begun to use Horustone software and the Iris scanner to enhance our layouts and fabrication.

Here at Mogastone, we believe in precision at every step of your kitchen transformation process. Our approach combines the latest technology with personalized service, ensuring that your vision for the perfect kitchen becomes a reality.

That is why we have decided to make a transition. We turned from the Pathfinder slab photographing station by Park Industries and the Slabsmith layout software. Now we are embracing the Iris Scanner by D2 Technology and the 3D layout system by Horustone called Match.

Precision Measuring with the LT-2D3D Laser

Our process starts with meticulous attention to detail. We visit your home and use the advanced LT-2D3D laser system to take exact measurements of your kitchen space. This precision allows us to create detailed Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models of your countertops, capturing everything in your layout.

LT-2D3D Laser Templating System

LT-2D3D laser templating system in action measuring countertops.

Iris Scanner Vs. Pathfinder

During the laser measuring process, the Iris Scanner will scan a customer’s slab into our inventory. Let’s look at how this method may be a better approach to slab imaging compared to Park Industries’ Pathfinder.

D2 Iris Scanner

D2 Iris Scanner in Mogastone’s shop.


The Iris scanner has a 12K resolution while the Pathfinder has an approximately 5K resolution. One reason the resolution of the Iris scanner is much higher than the Pathfinder’s is because of the fact that the scanner takes an image directly over the slab. Meanwhile, the Pathfinder incorporates a high definition camera at a distance. The Iris scanner is an example of a more innovative design, giving a reason for it being an alternative.

The real question, though, is how this is a better alternative for our customers. One answer is that a higher resolution will give you a clearer image to better envision your kitchen.

Shadows, Light Interference, and Distortion

Insufficient or excessive light can frequently pose a issue when capturing slab images. Sometimes when a photo is taken with the Pathfinder, there are shadows left or spots with too much light.

This is because of surrounding lights. So, removing all that interference is an excellent approach. This is precisely what the Iris scanner accomplishes as it scans directly over the slab.

If a photo of a slab has shadows or glare, we may need to take another picture. Even the new image could have the same problem. The other reason we may have to rephotograph is because of light interference. This could mess with vein-matching and the image we send to customers for approval.

When it comes to distortion, there is always a slight amount present with the Pathfinder. To remedy this, difficult camera adjustments need to be made occasionally.

Precise Measuring

Considering the precision in measuring a slab, the same idea with the resolution issue comes into play. This means that there’s a chance of the measurements not being as precise because of the distance of the Pathfinder camera. While the measurements of the Pathfinder are considerably precise, the Iris scanner is more accurate due to its close proximity to the slab.


Occasionally, the Pathfinder camera and lighting need to be readjusted and recalibrated. If this is not accomplished, it will affect the quality, brightness, and other factors of the image.

It will also affect the quality of the image a customer receives for approval through email. This is a rather difficult, time-consuming process. The Iris scanner, on the other hand, does not require calibration after installation.

Pathfinder slab photographing system by Park Industries.

Visualizing with Augmented and Virtual Reality

With Slabsmith and the Pathfinder station, we can only offer images of countertop layouts to our customers. However, through Horustone’s Match technology, we now offer 3D experiences through both VR and AR.

Virtual Reality (VR):

After getting the slab images and laser measurements, we’ll design the countertops using the Match software by Horustone. On this layout-making platform, we will place a customer’s countertop measurements on their chosen slabs. Then we will email a 3D rendering of the countertop layout to them.

Two types of 3D rendering exist that we can use: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The first is displayed simply as an image. The second, however, is a 3D real-time kitchen experience that can be rendered by a smartphone or alternative VR viewing device.

Augmented Reality (AR):

Augmented reality, as mentioned before, is the second virtual experience. When you open the link sent to your phone, it will display your kitchen layout in a 3D augmented experience. In this experience, you can actually see your virtual countertops in the real world.

Match by Horustone allows you to see the veining of each counter, which are positioned accurately according to the CAD dimensions and the layout we created using those dimensions provided by the in-house laser measuring. To see a media example of this vision, view this video from Horustone.

Mogastone Countertops in AR 2

Augmented Reality Paonazzo marble countertops next to the Mogastone Hollywood sign.

Why Choose Mogastone’s AR Experience from Horustone?

Let’s look at the 5 main reasons to choose Mogastone’s AR experience..

Unmatched Accuracy

Our laser measurements ensure that the AR visualization is not just an approximation. Instead, it is an exact representation of how the countertops will fit in your space.

Detail Viewing

The CAD models allow you to view potential countertops with incredible detail, right down to the specific veining and pattern.

Personalized Visualization

Experience how your chosen slab will look in your kitchen’s unique layout and lighting conditions.

Informed Decisions

This level of detail provides a strong foundation for decision-making, giving you confidence in your choices.

Innovation at Your Service

Here at Mogastone, we are committed to combining technological advancements with personalized customer service to redefine kitchen renovation.


Our transition to the Iris Scanner and the Match software by Horustone represents a leap in personalization and precision. From the meticulous measurements taken by the LT-2D3D laser to the high-resolution slab imaging of the scanner and AR/VR visualizations, every step is geared towards ensuring your kitchen transformation is not only seamless but also perfectly aligned with your vision.

At Mogastone, we are dedicated to blending cutting-edge technology with our commitment to personalized service. We desire to ensure that your kitchen renovation experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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