Marble Types: A Guide to Their Colors and Styles
November 15, 2023
Marble Countertop


Learn about the variety of marble types and the characteristics and qualities that differentiate each one in this article.

Among the many natural stones available for countertop fabrication and installation today, Marble is among the most popular. There are, of course, many reasons for its popularity; one reason is its vast differentiation of styles and colors. In this blog we are going to look at a variety of examples of marble types to grasp a further understanding of its magnificence.

The Different Marble Types

There are a number of specific marble types or categories into which many different marble colors can be divided.

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is usually characterized by its soft white or blueish-gray backgrounds and variations of soft, feathery veins. This type of marble originated in the Carrara region of Tuscany, Italy. Because of its more uniform and versatile appearance, Carrara marble is considered to be more common than Calacatta marble colors. But that is in no way a degradation to its natural splendor.

Carrara in Tuscany, Italy

Source: Travel Tuscany. A statue in a courtyard of the town of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy.

Calacatta Marble 

Calacatta is also one of the marble types found in Carrara of Tuscany, Italy. However, it is not as prominent as Carrara marble. This is due to its greater rarity and more profound sense of grandeur. Calacatta marble typically features a purer white background, and it displays bolder and thicker veins that are even highlighted with yellow or brown hues.

Quarry in Carrara, Italy

Source: Italy Magazine. One of the quarries that excavate magnificent marble slabs from Carrara, Italy.

Statuario Marble

Like Carrara and Calacatta marble, Statuario is also found in Carrara, Italy. Discussing its appearance, Statuario marble is rather close in comparison to Calacatta. The reason for this is its similar bold, striking veining and bright white background. However, Statuario is known to have a brighter background than even Calacatta. And while it has more bold veining than Carrara, it has less but thicker and more pronounced veining than Calacatta.

Marble Quarry Carrara, Italy

Source: Britannica. Marble quarry in Carrara of Tuscany, Italy.

Marble Types Based on Colors

There is a great variety of colors in which marble can be found. Here at Mogastone, we stock 7 colors of marble in our inventory. Let’s go through some of the most popular stones for each color that can be found in our slab yard.

1. White Marble

White Marble is the most common and sought-after marble. Some of our most popular slabs are Oyster, White Rhino, and Calacatta Viola.

Oyster Marble is an extraordinary display of cream-colored splotches and striking jagged gray shapes that swirl and dance in a varied manner.

Oyster Marble

Oyster Marble.

White Rhino Marble is known for its soft white and creamy hues that can brighten up any kitchen with its simple elegance.

White Rhino Kitchen

Source: Houzz. White Rhino Marble kitchen with island and full backsplash.

Calacatta Viola is among the most exquisite among the marble types for its bold scattered purple-black veins surrounded and highlighted with golden-brown shades.

Calacatta Viola Kitchen

Source: IRG. Calacatta Viola Marble kitchen with waterfalls and backsplash.

2. Black Marble

Out of many of the kinds of marble, black-backed slabs appear to be some of the most fascinating and diverse. Two of our most interesting black marble slabs are Rosso Levanto and Kenya Black.

Rosso Levanto is a marble with unparalleled intricacy and complexity as it is scattered with an abundant and overwhelming web of red and white veins. This is a fascinating spectacle of nature’s beauty and creativity.

Rosso Levanto Marble

Rosso Levanto Marble.

There aren’t many stones that are similar to Kenya Black with its gray and black rounding curves. Its natural aesthetics evoke a rather volcanic attribute.

Kenya Black Marble

Source: Pinterest. Kenya Black Marble kitchen.

3. Gold Marble

These gold-highlighted slabs are some of the most exquisite and luxurious stones to be found out of the many marble types. While Calacatta Viola could also be an example of these stones, the two we are going to focus on are Calacatta Borghini and Paonazzo.

Calacatta Borghini is covered with long bold gold and gray veining. This display will add to the character of your kitchen or bathroom.

Calacatta Borghini Kitchen

Source: SK Stones. Calacatta Borghini Marble kitchen.

Paonazzo Marble is an exquisite and luxurious marble that bursts with bold veins and golden luminescence.

Paonazzo Kitchen

Very large Paonazzo kitchen that Mogastone installed approximately one year ago.

4. Brown Marble

The brown marble slabs displayed below are resemblant of a natural, earthy attribute. The 3 marbles we are going to discuss here are Fantasy Brown, Antique, and Rainforest Brown.

Fantasy Brown is intertwined with brown, beige, and gray hues that give it an almost mystical flowing appearance.

Marble Bathroom Countertop

Fantasy Brown Marble bathroom vanity countertop.

Antique Marble features a dark gray background black and gray splotches and dark veins covered by rustic colors. It invites the thought of ancient cave drawings.

Antique Marble

Antique Marble.

Rainforest Brown is a striking natural stone known for its intricate, web-like dark brown and white veins that rest on a brighter tan background. There are many earthy tones present that evoke a rainforest setting on this stone.

Rainforest Brown Marble

Rainforest Brown Marble.

5. Green Marble

Green marble is fascinating in its own way as it is a diverse color to be seen on a stone. The beauty of nature is displayed in such stones as Verde Tifone and Clouds.

Verde Tifone marble is a distinctive and luxurious natural stone. It is primarily characterized by its deep, rich color and complex patterns of green and white veins.

Verde Tifone Marble

Verde Tifone Marble.

Clouds Marble is a spectacle of intricacy and deep variations of color. Overall, it is a dark greenish-gray, but it is scattered with black and white shades as well.

Clouds Marble

Clouds Marble.

6. Blue Marble

Now we reach the marble that resembles the sky and highlights of the ocean. In this part we are going to look at 3 marble types: Azure, Caribbean Sky, and Tesoro Bianco.

Looking at this extraordinary stone Azure is like gazing into the sky that is covered with different shades of wispy clouds. 

Azure Marble

Azure Marble.

Caribbean Sky Marble has large gray and white crystalline streaks across a deep grayish-blue background.

Caribbean Sky Marble

Caribbean Sky Marble.

Tesoro Bianco Kitchen

Source: Zucchi. Contemporary style Tesoro Bianco Marble kitchen with full backsplash.


There is a huge variety of marble types, and the displayed ones are only some of them. These many marble types show the creativity and astonishing beauty of nature. To see more types of marble, visit our online marble inventory.

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