The Ultimate Guide to Stone Remnants
October 11, 2023
REM remnant racks


Learn all about remnants in what they are and how you can save money by using them in your remodeling projects.

The idea of remnants appears to confuse people at times, and there are certain misconceptions about them. For example, people often think that remnants are paid for by previous buyers. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In this blog we are going to go through a complete guide about remnants.

What is a Remnant?

A remnant is a piece that is cut from a full slab of a previous job. They can be rather large but are generally on the smaller end of the spectrum. These pieces can be used for many different small projects This includes bathroom vanities, shower pieces, and tub and fireplace surrounds.

People often believe that remnants are the cut pieces and waste left after cutting a full slab. While they are cheaper for being leftover pieces, they are still good, quality pieces that are even used in future projects.

Fireplace from remnant

Illusionize quartzite fireplace surround.

Can I Save Money With Remnants?

Remnants are in fact a great way to save money when buying small countertops.

To explain why, let’s use the example of a customer with a number of baths for which they would like to purchase countertops. Say this customer has three baths, and they want a separate stone color for each one. In this case, if the customer doesn’t use remnants, they will have to pay for three separate slabs which can each cost over 2,500 dollars. Using remnants would be a far less expensive choice. Each one would only cost about 1,000 dollars on average.

Using remnants also saves materials. For example, say someone has a small single-sink bath vanity. It would save a lot more material to use a remnant than to take a little piece out of a large slab.

Since fabrication is included in the overall price, it’s also good to recognize that fabricating using a remnant is easier than moving a full slab.

Paonazzo Bathroom

Statuary quartz bathroom vanity with mitered face.

How are Customers Priced?

Prices for a customer include the sink (if you purchase it from Mogastone); sink cutout, polish, and undermounting; standard edge profile, faucet holes (drilled on site), backsplash, laser measuring; and material, fabrication, and installation. When it comes to materials and stone colors, customers are always priced per square foot.

Photographs and Inventory

Other granite and marble companies photograph remnants and have an inventory. But at Mogastone we go above and beyond in making it convenient for our customers to find slabs and remnants. We therefore have the most interactive and highest quality digital inventory. To learn more about our slab inventory, you can visit another blog article here.

Measuring and Sizing

In our slab inventory on this website, we have a number of interactive entities. One of those is the ability for a customer to see the sizes and to test measurements digitally on a slab or remnant.


Material Profile

Every slab or remnant has its own profile on our online inventory. This profile shows every stone that we have in stock of that material; the location of those pieces; the name, level, thickness, and finish of the material; and even the size of the stone.

Material Profile First Part

First image of a material profile on Mogastone’s digital inventory.

As you can see, there are also such options in the profile as getting a quote, sharing the material, viewing the color in 3D, and seeing the material in our Visualizer. You can also see some paint color options that match the colors in the stone.

In this second part of the material profile, the available slabs and remnants are shown. As was mentioned before, an ID for each piece is included, and the material, thickness, size, and location are shown. To the right of each slab, you can also download a PDF, measure the piece to see if the counter you need will fit, add it to your wish list, or ask us about it.

Material Profile Part 2

Second image of the material profile on Mogastone’s online inventory.

Our inventory and material profiles are powered by an association called SlabCloud.


Remnants are very useful to both a stone fabricator and a customer as we can both save money and material. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how our remnant system and inventory works. 

If you would like to ask about a stone or if you have any other questions, you can always visit our showroom or contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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