Exploring Mogastone’s Slab Yard: A Comprehensive Overview
August 29, 2023
Mogastone Slab Yard


Discover the layout of Mogastone's slab yard and where to find stone materials and colors and remnants.

Mogastone has the largest outdoor slab yard in the Triangle, consisting of nearly 2,200 slabs and over 150 colors.  So, it can sometimes be difficult for customers to find the material or slabs they are looking for. For this reason, we have made this blog to explain the entirety of our slab yard layout.

Rack Names

Our slab yard is laid out in nine sections which all have an abbreviated name that is easy for us to remember. The short names are W, R, C, B, UNLD, REM, RMG, SS, and SR. Now we’re going to talk about the meanings of each of these abbreviations. Also, take note: the individual racks are numbered as a part of an entire section. For example, one section of the yard is called the “R” section, and in this section there can be multiple racks, one of them being rack 17. The name of that individual rack is, therefore, called R17.


“W” simply stands for “warehouse” which is the first part of the slab inventory as you exit through the glass doors in the showroom. This section contains 25 racks.


“R” refers to the “right side,” and this is where we hold the majority of the unsold slabs. This section contains much of the quartz, granite, marble, and quartzite. It also has some porcelain and other materials, and this section has 177 racks.


“C” refers to “cut pieces.” This is where you can find the pieces that we’ve saved from previously cut slabs. There are 23 long racks in this section.


“B” simply refers to the “back” which is the area behind the shop and the first section on the left side of “R.” 28 racks are used in this area.


“UNLD” is a simpler version of “unloaded.” The new slabs that we receive are placed here before they are photographed and put into another section.


There are two sections that we hold remnants in. The first is called “REM” which is just an abbreviation for “remnant.” This is right past the “B” racks and is made up of 12 racks.


“RMG” stands for “remnant gravel” or what we usually call “the gravel area.” It is the second remnant section, and it has 9 racks.


“SS” is our “sold section.” All the slabs that customers chose and paid for come on this long set of racks. This section is on the left of both remnant areas.


“SR” is another sold section, but it’s for the “sold remnants.” This is directly behind the sold section.

Mogastone Slab Yard Labeled

Labeled image of Mogastone slab yard.

Material Locations

Each section has a number of racks that are either double-sided A-frames or stacked. And each side of the A-frames have a separate type of material. In this part, we’ll explain where you can find the materials you are looking for.


Our warehouse contains all of our most interesting and expensive slabs. In fact, it holds over 100 slabs of a variety of materials, including granite, marble, quartzite, and other stone types.

“Right Side”

If you look in the above image at the “R” section, starting from the right side of the image, we’ll explain the order of the materials. Quartz can be found on racks 1 – 43 and 116 – 177. Porcelain comes next on racks 44 – 69. After that is the natural stone. In this area, there is a variety of granite, marble, quartzite, dolomite, hybrid, and soapstone slabs. These slabs are found in racks 70 – 145.


RMG and REM hold the remnants and many of the cut pieces, so there is a large variety of material types in this area. These are perfect areas to find small pieces of any material for bath countertops, fireplace and tub surrounds, and laundry counters.

The “Back”

This area behind the shop and warehouse is where we keep most of the porcelain slabs. So, if you are looking for porcelain, this is a good place to go.

The “C” Side

C racks 1 – 23 are another great place to find cut pieces of all material types. There are actually more racks in this section than both RMG and REM combined. Many bigger cut pieces are also contained here; in fact, there are nearly 400!

Mogastone Slab Yard

Aerial view of Mogastone’s slab yard, consisting of over 2,000 slabs and remnants.

ID’s and Stickers

If you’ve ever noticed a sticker at the base of each rack, that is the ID that we created using the Slabsmith program for the location of the slabs. We have stickers for both the racks and slabs. The racks have a simple name like REM6, but the slab stickers have a lot more information. The slab ID’s have the material name, the name of the color, the ID number (like #7863), the size of the piece, the finish, and more.

These stickers and ID’s make it easy for us to find your piece(s) when it’s time to cut. For example, we can say, “Get ID number 5880 from R69,” and that name “R69” tells us exactly where it is on the lot. This name tells us that the slab is on the 69th rack of the “R” section.


After reading this blog, you can have an understanding of the layout of our slab yard. And it’ll be easier to find the pieces you are searching for.

You also can take a virtual tour of our entire yard and showroom if you scroll to the bottom of our Contact Us page.

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